January 01, 2016

Blake Dietz

Proto-mathematician, budding computer scientist, cyclist at heart. I love discovering through the learning process.



Senior software engineer: Intuit

2019/03/01 - Present

Developer experience

I am responsible for creating a seamless development experience for a team of 90+ engineers with a primary focus on the backend. Our current challenges include transitioning the team of developers from SVN to git, creating continuous delivery, integration and deployment pipelines in Kubernetes while also streamlining all aspects of the development process.

2018/01/11 - 2019/03/01


Adopted and advocated for React as the frontend technology of choice for all frontend feature development at TSheets. Projects and responsibilites included the following:

  • Acted as a consultant for feature development in React and Redux to encourage best practices.
  • Communicated with both designers and developers to build a shared design system and library so developers could focus on feature development.
  • Reduced boilerplate and encouraged best practices by creating generators for frontend features.
  • Created a single step setup process for developers to register their new projects with the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Empowered developers to create npm packages by creating a streamlined workflow for repositories to be automatically and semantically versioned and published based upon commit format.
  • Ran multiple new hire trainings for React and Redux development practices.

Senior software engineer: TSheets

2017/10/30 - 2018/01/10


Acquired by Intuit while in this position. See above.

2016/10/31 - 2017/10/30


While on the scheduling team I identified the need to develop in more than just jQuery on the frontend. I developed the first feature in React and helped grow the learnings that I took from integrating React into the product into a plan for the rest of the organization to use.

  • Implemented the first feature in React at TSheets.
  • Extended the scheduling application to support more rich notification support.
  • Fixed complex performance and printing bugs with legacy browsers.

Volunteer software engineer: Treefort music festival

I volunteered for a local music festival for a few years. This helped to scratch my itch to learn about deploying to AWS while also deploying a cross platform application and getting a sneek peak at the artist lineups.

2017/08 - 2017/10

Continued to maintain and tune the backend API. Successfully served over one million requests throughout the duration of the festival.

2016/10 - 2017/03

Built, maintained and deployed a backend api to AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and API Gateway. Helped to maintain the mobile application from the previous year.

2015/08 - 2016/05

Lead frontend development for the application rewrite.

Software engineer: WhiteCloud Analytics

At WhiteCloud I grew from intern to a competent engineer with a penchant for frontend development.

2014/06 - 2016/10

Software engineer

Built the first Single page application at WhiteCloud in Angular.js.

  • Became the subject matter expert for Angular.js.
  • Established best practices for the frontend through training.

2013/04 - 2014/06


Focused on creating a customized charting solution in D3.js to power our specialized data visualizations to help physicians better understand healthcare data.

Blake Dietz

Written by Blake Dietz who lives and works in Boise, ID and loves tinkering in his spare time. Follow him on twitter