Elixir learnings - 2020 week 4

January 20, 2020


Learning resources


Elixir school

Self proclaimed as

The premier destination for learning and mastering Elixir

I've recently played with Elixir school for learning how to better work with Ecto associations.

Elixir forum

I've stumbled upon solutions multiple times in Elixir forum and hadn't taken the time to sign up. Boy, was I missing out. There's a ton of super helpful questions that have already been answered or discussed on the forums. I would recommend becoming a member and asking questions if you can't find what you need through traditional search.

The most insightful response I've seen thus far was in regards to defining a many_to_many relationship in Ecto that also used the timestamps macro.


Awesome Elixir

Awesome lists are a wonderful way to learn more about different topics. I highly recommend looking for them for a topic you're planning on learning even if it isn't tech related. I started looking through the Elixir awesome list to learn more about Elixir.

One nugget that I ended up taking away from the caching section was that most Elixir apps don't reach for Redis when they need caching support. A lot of the community seems to point to :ets, mnesia and cachex instead.

Fast Elixir

Learned more about good patterns how to write fast elixir.


I learned about the dangers of requesting lists of entities in Absinthe without taking the N + 1 problem into account.



I've been wondering about how to deploy my personal Elixir projects and have started to investigate using Gigalixir. I haven't used it yet, but it seems like a good candidate to reduce yak shaving in regards to setting up infrastructure. I'm sure I'll post more about this in the future.


  1. Absinthe N + 1 problem
  2. Awesome Elixir
  3. Awesome lists
  4. Elixir forum: many_to_many
  5. Elixir forum
  6. Elixir school: Ecto associations
  7. Elixir school
  8. Gigalixir
  9. fast elixir

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