February 02, 2021

I've been trying to spend more time doing activities with Allyanna. Right now we're on a two weekend streak of going out to take photos. Allyanna is the photography expert, and I'm just the one who tosses out ideas about challenges we try to complete for each session. I also happen to be the model since she's the one behind the lens when the challenges revolve around human subjects.

The challenge for this session was to capture me in motion. We decided to go to the alley by Neckar coffee in downtown Boise for the shoot; Allyanna wanted an urban location.

neckar 3

I'm a pretty inexperienced juggler. :)

neckar 4

After seeing this photo, I really felt like a model. A testament to Allyanna's chops.

neckar 8

Putting my taekwondo skills to use.

neckar 7

Bonus doggo picture.


  1. Photos by Allyanna Wintermote

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