Waxing your chain

September 07, 2021

I've been trying out hot waxing my bike chain and I can't recommend it enough. My wax of choice has been SILCA Secret Chain HOT MELT Wax in Convenient Stove top Boiler Bag. One thing that I do find annoying is that there's a lack of succinct instructions on the web.

Here's my hopefully concise take on the video above:


  1. Clean your chain using a degreaser such as Simple Green
  2. Wipe your chain until it is completely dry
  3. Warm up the wax to around 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. Thread a zip tie through the chain to be able to stir the chain into the wax and to be able to remove the chain from the wax
  5. Place the chain into the bag and let it sit for a few minutes
  6. Remove the wax bag from the heat source
  7. Let the chain rest in the bag until around 140 degrees Fahrenheit or until a small film of solid wax begins to form on the top
  8. Using the zip tie, remove the chain from the wax

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