2021 Week 39: What I'm reading

September 29, 2021


I've been meaning to journal more and with my Remarkable 2, I have no excuses to not make it a daily habit. I also can't count the number of times that I've had to go dig up this great discussion on daily journaling. I've only just started but hope to make it a part of my routine as it's been quite cathartic thus far.

Functional programming

Journal of functional programming

While reading the documentation for koka I stumbled upon the Journal of Functional programming. While I doubt I have the depth of knowledge to understand most of the content, I'm happy to know the resource exists and plan on trying to read through a few papers at some point in the future.

Functional programming languages

I'm always interested in learning more about functional programming, perhaps a bit too much. Over the last few weeks I've been perusing a few functional programming languages docs. Those languages are:

Koka seems the most interesting out of the three. Grain seems to be the most nascent considering that they're currently rewriting the dom standard library right now.

Type level programming


API design

Stop splitting out your application into an api and a front end.



My friends Chris and Albert introduced me to The Portal podcast and I have been enjoying the content thus far. Weinstein, the host, introduced an interesting term called "kayfabe" in one of the podcasts. It's a wonderful tool to help understand the world as it is today.

Preserving your attention

Stop reading the news.

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