2021 Week 40: Weekly update

October 10, 2021

This week, I'm changing the format. I've decided to follow Nicholas Zakas's monthly newsletter formula for my own weekly updates. I'll be adding a new "What I'm thinking about" section along with a couple of sections about what I'm consuming. It's a more generalised format that I think will fit better than a pure link dump.

What I'm thinking about

Changing the way I approach my growth path

Learning from a mentor

I found myself perusing a few functional programming blogs. I found myself green with envy fingering through the content and then it hit me, "Why not just shoot them an email?". The beauty of the internet is that it connects everyone to everyone. The problem with the way that I've been using the internet is that I've been treating it more as a read only resource. There are plenty of people online that I could reach out to for guidance in my journey to master functional programming.

Reviewing open source prs

I found a discussion on Hacker News that discussed the importance of reading open source PRS. I've been thinking that I need to give it a try some time.

Taking courses

I'm also missing college quite a bit and have been thinking about taking a course or two. Not that I would even have to go back for a full time degree, but just something that would keep me from ossifying.

What I'm reading


Frank Herbert's seminal Sci-Fi has been on my list and now that it's in movie form I want to make it as far as possible through the book without seeing the movie's interpretation. There's something about having your own version of a character in your head before you witness them on the silver screen.

Stripe press reading list

The Art of Doing Science And Engineering Learning to Learn

What I'm listening to

UNKLE has been one of my favorite artists of all time and their 2021 album Ronin I does not disappoint. It's definitely more upbeat and poppy than most of their other work but still hits that quintessential UNKLE sound.

What I'm watching

Pragmatic Studio: Phoenix LiveView Pro Course

I purchased the course during its EAP and was able to get it for a steal but have left it to gather dust in my never ending pile of software engineering learning content. I've finally made my way about 17 episodes in and it's been wonderful thus far. I cannot recommend the course enough if you're looking to learn about Phoenix LiveView.

What I'm working on

pencyclopedia.ink 2.0

With my current stint of learning about Phoenix LiveView, I've been slowly applying the concepts in the course to a new version of pencyclopedia.ink that will be a complete rewrite in LiveView


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