Weekly update: 2021 Week 46

November 01, 2021

What I'm thinking about



Many years ago I was told by a very wise man "Mind Ok, Everything Ok". It is so true. I have encountered poor, sick people who are happy, and rich, healthy, miserable folk. Wealth, fame etc count for nothing if you're miserable. Mind and the way it views the world are the most important thing. "MindOk" is there to remind me every day.mindok

Reviewing open source prs

What I'm reading


Why you should assume everyone is stupid



I think I've made it to the point where Allyanna and I can watch the movie.


What I'm listening to

Discover weekly absolutely killed it this week. Allyanna and I were jamming to this on repeat. 5.23.19 by Mono/Poly specifically stuck out along with Lady Burning Sky by Neutron 9000 and Daniel Avery.

What I'm watching

Pragmatic Studio: Phoenix LiveView Pro Course

Moral Orel

Recycling is a scam

What I'm working on

pencyclopedia.ink 2.0

Refactoring to use elixir LiveView .17

eink calendar screen

Keyboard maestro scripts



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