What happens when you put multiple Phoenix LiveView hooks on an element?

November 27, 2022

Even when an idea seems obvious, it can be useful to put a label or name to it. That is, once you explicitly identify something, it becomes easier to reason about or remember if you create a simple fact or label for the idea.

Only one Phoenix Hook is supported per element

Suppose there exists a Phoenix.Component named some_component. Assume there are two Phoenix hooks named Hook1 and Hook2. Assume some_component has two phx-hook attributes defined which reference the aforementioned hook names in the given order respectively.

Only Hook1 will mount. Hook2 will essentially be ignored.

const Hook1 = {
  mounted() {

const Hook2 = {
  mounted() {
defmodule App.Components do
  use App, :component

  def some_component(assigns) do
    <div id="some_component" phx-hook="Hook1" phx-hook="Hook2">
      Rendering some_component

The web console would only log Hook1 as only the first hook is mounted.

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