Little man

May 25, 2023

Yesterday Velo had some sort of episode. He was laying in bed next to Allyanna and was moving his eyes left and right quickly, almost like he had just gotten off a fast spinning merry-go-round. Both of his eyes were dilated. The whole experience lasted about two minutes.

We called up West Vet to ask if we should bring him in and they ended up telling us about what they call "the 3x3 rule". That is, if an animal has more than three seizures within twenty four hours or if they have a seizure lasting longer than three minutes, they recommend making a visit. He was acting alright after that and didn't seem to have any other symptoms so we decided to stay home and wait it out for a bit. We chocked it up as post nap confusion and or a seizure.

Today, when I woke up, Velo was there seemingly healthy and almost certainly happy. I couldn't have been more elated. I sat there in the bedroom stroking him as he wriggled like a worm on the ground, rear feet fully stretched with his front paws curled in to his chest while laying on his back. He danced from side to side searching for the perfect angle to scratch his back against the carpet. It was a reminder of how fragile life can be and how important it is to make sure you soak up every moment you can with those that you love.

We went to the park today. The sun radiated its beauty as he waded out into the ditch further than normal. As I squat on the shore waiting for him to decide to return I snapped a photo.


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